Bio-mirror project

The virtual Asian Bioinformation Center (ABC) has replicated its official
web site to 6 partner nations. The Taiwan site can be found at


In the mean time, the bio-mirror project, which has been established
in 1998 is going to be extended into bio-mirror2 project by ABC.


This project will be used as a data repository for ABC in order to
be in complied with the Minimal Information About Bioinformatics
investigation (MIABi). Many Asian nations have signed the Singapore
resolution in order to support the MIABi initiative. The relation of the
ABC and MIABi can be found in the “Introduction to Asian
Bioinformation Center
” file presented by Dr. Ueng-Cheng Yang in
International Conference on Bioinformatics 2009. Those who are
interested in promoting the concept of MIABi are welcome to sign
the Singapore resoultion online on the ABCenter web site.

Application for International Students Fall 2009 - PhD program

National Yang-Ming University (YMU) is proud to announce its first Ph.D. program on Biomedical Informatics for international students. With more than 22 faculty members and 100 graduate students, YMU offers the largest and most comprehensive graduate-level program in Biomedical Informatics in this region. Our research focuses on innovative use of information technology in Biomedicine ranging from genome, proteome, phoneme to patients and populations. By translating the discoveries of basic biomedical research to clinical knowledge through informatics, we hope to contribute to a healthier future of mankind. The detail information refers to the page of admission for international students.

Welcome to Institute of Biomedical Informatics, NYMU

In order to boost the progress of Biomedical Informatics research and to improve international competence in this area, National Yang-Ming University has integrated Institute of Bioinformatics and Institute of Health Informatics and Decision Making to one institue, Institue of Biomedical Informatics in 2005.


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