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The 3rd Virtual Training Workshop on Bioinformatics - Open for Registration

This 3rd Virtual Training Workshop on Bioinformatics is being organized by Asian Bioinformatics Research and Education Network (ABREN), a non-profit organization to promote research and education in this rapidly growing interdisciplinary field of science. This is an online training workshop with multimedia lectures being provided on demand through the Internet. This workshop covers various topics in Bioinformatics and the lectures are classified into basic, intermediate and advanced levels. Thus, the participants can go through the workshop lectures at their pace and convenience, and ask teachers questions and get answers any time during the workshop period. This workshop is now open for online registration. The registration is free but the number of participants may be restricted. The deadline for the online registration is February 28th, 2009.

Website: http://gibk21.bio.kyutech.ac.jp/abren2009/abren/