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Location:Rm. 402, Library, Information, and Research Building (圖資大樓402教室)

Date Speaker Topic Note
03/09 詹景雯 A global pathway crosstalk network
吳克文 Multiple Reassortment Events in the Evolutionary History of H1N1 Influenza A Virus Since 1918
03/16 梁詩屏 Inferring Pathway Activity toward Precise Disease Classification
黃清閔 A quantitative proteomic approach for identification of potential biomarkers in hepatocellular carcinoma
03/23 陳韻茹 Mixture models and exploratory analysis in networks
鄭唯深 MEDME: An experimental and analytical methodology for the estimation of DNA methylation levels based on microarray derived MeDIP-enrichment
03/30 盧怡君 Approaches to reduce false positives and false negatives in the analysis of microarray data: applications in type I diabetes research
徐千婷 Association analysis of positional obesity candidate genes based on integrated data from transcriptomics and linkage analysis
04/06 賴恩語 W-AlignACE: an improved Gibbs sampling algorithm based on more accurate position weight matrices learned from sequence and gene expression/ChIP-chip data
顏海威 Analysis of Gene Expression in Early-Stage Ovarian Cancer
04/27 陳軍赫 Amyloid Aggregation on Lipid Bilayers and Its Impact on Membrane Permeability
張淑娟 Identification of candidate genes by integrating Gene Ontologies and protein-interaction netwroks: case studey of primary immunodeficiencies
05/04 許志隆 Comparative analysis of Caulobacter chromosome replication origins
林冠廷 Crystallization short-read assemblies around seeds
05/11 吳尚容 Novel Molecular Subtypes of Serous and Endometrioid Ovarian Cancer Linked to Clinical Outcome
陳彥村 MotifVoter: a novel ensemble method for fine-grained integration of generic motif finders
05/18 邵暐超 Evolutionary Origin and Genomic Organization of microRNA Genes in Immunoglobulin Lambda Variable Region Gene Family
張乃文 Identifying gene-disease associations using centrality on a literature mined gene-interaction network

Location:Rm. 403, Library, Information, and Research Building (圖資大樓403教室)

Date Speaker Topic Note
03/09 黃彥智 Googling for a diagnosis—use of Google as a diagnostic aid: internet based study
楊軒佳 Tiering Drug–Drug Interaction Alerts by Severity Increases Compliance Rates
03/16 林健伍
03/23 張詠婷 Public views of mobile medical devices and services:A US national survey of consumer sentiments towards RFID healthcare technology
蔡宗佑 Analysis of allergy alerts within a computerized prescriber-order-entry system
03/30 李佩珊 comprehensive management of the access to the electronic patient record: Towards trans-institutional networks
林哲如 A software tool for removing patient identifying information from
clinical documents
04/06 卓綺思 Patient-centered approach for improving prescription drug warning labels
王櫻婷 Managing the Life Cycle of Electronic Clinical Documents
04/27 郭明娟 Patterns of Use of Handheld Clinical Decision Support Tools in the Clinical Setting
黃祥瑋 Service-oriented Architecture in Medical Software: Promises and Perils
05/04 方麗萍 Consumer Health Information Seeking as Hypothesis Testing
05/11 吳幸姿 Implementing Single Source: The STARBRITE Proof-of-Concept
柯懿昀 A Model for Expanded Public Health Reporting in the Context of HIPAA
05/18 叢培瓏 Using Computerized Provider Order Entry and Clinical Decision Support to Improve Referring Physicians’ Implementation of Consultants’ Medical Recommendations
高星儀 HealthMap : Global Infectious Disease Monitoring through Automated Classification and Visualization of Internet Media Reports