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講者:陸永祥教授 Dr. Yung-Hsiang Lu

(School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and (by courtesy) Department  of Computer Science , Purdue University )

講題:認真對待每一個玩笑話: 一個研究計劃誕生的故事

(Treat Every Joke Seriously : The Story of a Research Project )

時間:1081220(星期五) 中午12:10


主題: 認真對待每一個玩笑話: 一個研究計劃誕生的故事

摘要: 八年前兩個大二學生的玩笑話改變了我做研究的方式。 這兩個學生問我有什麼方法可以環遊世界但不需要花機票錢。我們開始了一個新的研究計劃。八年來超過三百個學生參與了這個研究計劃。這個計劃幫助我升等成為正教授。我和幾個科技公司建立起長期的合作。我也和理工學院以外的教授合作。兩個大學生得到了電腦研究協會 (Computer Research Association) 北美洲大學研究榮譽獎 (honorable mention)。這個計劃得到了一個專利。學生參加創業比賽得了四個獎。其中一組( 三個學生 ) 真的成立一家科技公司, 並且得到超過一百萬美金的資金。普度大學工學院開始積極鼓勵大學生參與研究。2019年5月普度工學院長指派我協調改進學校內創業的活動。

這個研究計劃搜尋全球網絡攝影機所提供的開放式即時影像資料 (real-time visual data)。這個計劃的第一部分是研究如何有效率地使用雲計算。同時有幾百或幾千個資料流 (data streams) 進來的時候, 有效率使用雲計算變成非常重要的問題。雲計算有很多不同的選項: 有的有大量的記憶體,  有的有很多的計算核心。在處理即時資料, 雲計算主機的位置有可能會影響到資料更新的速度。雲資源管理的問題可以寫成多維箱包裝問題 (multi-dimensional bin packing problem)。網絡攝影機所提供資料與一般機器學習常用的資料並不相同。因此這個研究計劃也開始探討資料的特性。機器學習常常使用在網路上的資料, 因此隱私保護成為了一個重要的問題。

這個演講會提供一個研究計劃誕生的故事, 並且回顧在這八年中幾個重大決定的過程。

簡歷: 陸永祥是普度大學電機及計算機工程系教授。他是電腦協會(ACM)傑出科學家。他在斯坦福大學獲得博士, 台灣大學獲得學士。他寫了一本書: 進階C語言程式設計。電腦評論 (Computing Review) 說如果你在一個孤島上有一台 Linux 電腦, 帶著這本書。

Title: Treat Every Joke Seriously: The Story of a Research Project

Abstract: The joke by two sophomores eight years ago changed the way I do research. The two students asked me whether it would be possible to see the world without paying airplane tickets. We started a new research project. Over the eight years, more than 300 students have participated in this project. I was promoted to a full professor. The research team established long-term collaboration with several companies. Academic collaborators come the College of Agriculture and College of Health and Human Sciences, in addition to College of Engineering and College of Science. Two undergraduate students received honorable mention of the North America Undergraduate Research Award by the Computer Research Association. A patent was granted. Students received four awards in business plan competitions. One group of three students started a technology company and raised more than one million US dollars. Purdue’s College of Engineering is expanding the undergraduate research programs. I am assigned the Engineering Dean’s Fellow for Entrepreneurship coordinating and improving the entrepreneurship programs.

This research project discovers network cameras that can provide open real-time visual data. The project considers how to use cloud computing efficiently. Efficiency is essential when processing hundreds or thousands of data streams. Cloud vendors provide many types of instances: different amounts of memory, different number of cores, etc. The geographical locations of cloud servers may affect the data rates. Efficient usage of cloud resources can be formulated to a multi-dimensional bin packing problem. The data from network cameras has different characteristics from the popular datasets for machine learning. Hence, this research team also investigates the properties and bias of datasets. Machine learning often uses data from the Internet and privacy protection has become a major concern. This research team is investigating methods to protect privacy.

The seminar will review the history of this project and discuss the major decisions over the eight years.

Biography: Dr. Yung-Hsiang Lu is a professor at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA. He is a Distinguished Scientist of the ACM. He received the PhD. from Stanford University and BS from the National Taiwan University. He published a book “Intermediate C Programming” (CRC Press). Computing Reviews said, “If you land on a desert island that has a Linux computer, this is the one book to have with you.