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Location:Rm. 402, Library, Information, and Research Building (圖資大樓402教室)

Date Speaker Topic Note
03/01 張乃文 An experimentally derived confidence score for binary protein-protein interactions
鍾偉國 Identification of Five Candidate Lung Cancer Biomarkers by Proteomics Analysis of Conditioned Media of Four Lung Cancer Cell Lines
03/08 孫行人 Biomarker detection in the integration of multiple multi-class genomic studies
高愷懃 Structure of Protein Interaction Networks and Their Implications on Drug Design
03/15 嚴守正 FLORA: A Novel Method to Predict Protein Function from Structure in Diverse Superfamilies
03/22 林雨芬 The Evolutionary Mechanics of Domain Organization in Proteomes and the Rise of Modularity in the Protein World
黃盈禎 Predicting Protein Post-translational Modifications Using Meta-analysis of Proteome Scale Data Sets
03/29 劉若芬 Identification of a Putative Protein Profile Associated with Tamoxifen Therapy Resistance in Breast Cancer
賴維紹 Detection of novel recombinases in bacteriophage
genomes unveils Rad52, Rad51 and Gp2.5 remote
04/12 葉騰文 Conserved Expression Patterns Predict microRNA Targets
徐瑞澤 SNP detection for massively parallel whole-genome resequencing
04/26 李佳璇 GWAS Analyzer: integrating genotype, phenotype and public annotation data for genome-wide association study analysis
郭姿祺 A global view of protein expression in human cells,tissues, and organs
05/03 吳尚容 A comprehensive catalogue of somatic mutations from a human cancer genome

Location:Rm. 403, Library, Information, and Research Building (圖資大樓403教室)

Date Speaker Topic Note
03/01 原理講解
03/08 陳珮瑩 A Ubiquitous Chronic Disease Care system using cellular phones and the internet
狻� Personal digital assistant with a barcode reader—A medical decision support system for nurses in home care
03/15 陳意雯 Usability testing of mobile ICT for clinical settings: Methodological and practical challenges
03/29 謝忠和 Improving personal health records for patient-centered care
蔡東穎 Developing data content specifications for the Nationwide Health Information Network Trial Implementations
04/12 胡咨含 Classification of schizophrenia with spectro-temporo-spatial MEG patterns in working memory
蔡涵怡 Computerized surveillance for adverse drug events in a pediatric hospital
04/26 Anh Phung Nguyen Handheld v.s. Laptop Computers for Electronic Date Collection in Clinical Research: A Crossover Randomized Trail
高星儀 An Interface-driven Analysis of User Interactions with an Electronic Health Records System
05/03 鄭舜生 The impact of short message service text messages sent as appointment reminders to patients’ cell phones at
outpatient clinics in Sao Paulo, Brazil
劉玳縈 Experience sampling during fMRI reveals default network and executive system contributions to mind wandering
05/10 江東鴻 Implementation and evaluation of a nursecentered
computerized potassium regulation protocol in the intensive care unit - a before and after analysis
陳興和 Synoptic Reporting in Tumor Pathology
05/17 劉家Q Information system design for a hospital emergency department: A usability analysis of software prototypes
黃凡蘋 Consumer Health Concepts That Do Not Map to the UMLS:Where Do They Fit
05/24 楊清琅 Forecasting Emergency Department Crowding- A Prospective, Real-time Evaluation
蔡宗佑 Effect of point-of-care computer reminders on physician behaviour
05/31 楊紹鵬 A Web Collaboration System for Content-Based Image Retrieval of Medical Images
叢培瓏 Clinical Decision Support Systems in Nursing - Synthesis of the Science for Evidence-Based Practice