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生物資訊專題討論 (博二以上)
Location:Rm. 411, Library, Information and Research Building (圖資大樓411教室)
Time:Monday, 13:30-15:20

Date Speaker Topic Note
03/01 方格煒 Maximization of negative correlations in time-course gene expression data for enhancing understanding of molecular pathways
03/08 劉郁彧 Defining an Essence of Structure Determining Residue Contact in Proteins
翁淳逸 Urine Metabolomics Analysis for Kidney Cancer Detection and Biomarker Discovery
03/15 林冠廷 MMBGX: a method for estimating expression at the isoform level and detecting differential splicing using whole-transcript Affymetrix arrays.
楊崎 Model-driven evaluation of the production potential for growth-coupled products of Escherichia coli
03/22 黃聖堯 Bi-correlation clustering algorithm for determining a set of co-regulated genes
張益峰 BSMAP: whole genome bisulfite sequence MAPping program.
03/29 黃櫻雪 The Modular Organization of Protein Interactions in Escherichia coli
邱振傑 An algorithm for learning maximum entropy probability models of disease risk that efficiently searches and sparingly encodes multilocus genomic interactions
吳政道 Transfection of small RNAs globally perturbs gene regulation by endogenous microRNAs.
04/26 彭士晏 Robust biomarker identification for cancer diagnosis with ensemble feature selection methods
蔡毓舜 mRNA expression profiles show differential regulatory effects of microRNAs between estrogen receptor-positive and estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer
05/03 楊志賢 A synchronized quorum of genetic clocks
蘇俊泓 Amplification of LAPTM4B and YWHAZ contributes to chemotherapy resistance and recurrence of breast cancer
05/10 高偉峰 Remote Supervision of IV-tPA for Acute Ischemic Stroke by Telemedicine or Telephone Before Transfer to a Regional Stroke Center Is Feasible and Safe
孫紀征 Associating Genes and Protein Complexes with Disease via Network Propagation
05/17 羅偉軒 Transcriptional regulation shapes the organization of genes on bacterial chromosomes

Location:Rm. 404, Library, Information and Research Building, NYMU (圖資大樓404教室)

Date Speaker Topic Note
03/25 陳聲平 Frequency of failure to inform patients of clinically significant outpatient test results.
04/08 江素倩 Quantifying the biological significance of gene ontology biological processes-implications for the analysis of systems-wide data
04/15 孫裕中 Effect of Alerts for Drug Dosage Adjustment in Inpatients with Renal Insufficiency
Shabbir Syed Abdul A Text Message-Based Intervention for Weight Loss:
Randomized Controlled Trial
04/29 林敬 Genomic Sequence Variation Markup Language (GSVML)
05/06 田惟升 Regulatory networks define phenotypic classes of human stem cell lines
05/13 陳毅誠 Identification of substrates for Ser/Thr kinases using based statistical pair potentials
05/20 賴恩語 Identification of Regulatory Modules in Time Series Gene Expression Data Using a Linear Time Biclustering Algorithm
張彙音 Protein Identification False Discovery Rates for Very Large Proteomics Data Sets Generated by Tandem Mass Spectrometry
05/27 陳韻茹 The Genetic Landscape of a Cell