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Special Seminars (Spring, 2010)
Time:12:15-13:30 PM
Place:Rm. 402, Library, Information and Research Building (圖資大樓4樓402教室)98-2學術演講影片連結(98-1) (97-1) (97-2) (96-1) (96-2) (95-2)

Date Speaker Topic Note
Feb 25 Dr. Paul Horton (AIST Computational Biology Research Center, Japan) Software and Algorithms for Next-gen sequencing and beyond
Mar 4 莊樹諄Trees-Juen Chuang (中央研究院基因體研究中心Genomics Reasearch Center, Academia Sinica) 利用黑猩猩的基因體序列來尋找人類尚未被發現的表現序列與類黑猩猩共同祖先的表現序列(Inferring novel human transcripts and human-chimpanzee ancestral transcripts from the chimpanzee genome)
Mar 11 沈祖望Tsu-Wang Shen(慈濟大學醫學資訊學系 Medical Informatics Department, Tzu Chi University) 螞蟻演算法在癲癇偵測之應用(Ant colony optimization (ACO) Approaches for Epileptic Seizure Detection )
Mar 18 沈志陽Chen-Yang Shen(中央研究院生物醫學科學研究所 Institute of Biomedical Sciences, IBMS) 乳癌發生與進展的易感受基因(The title of my talk: Genetic Susceptibility to Breast Cancer)
Mar 22 張博論 Po-lun Chang國立陽明大學生物醫學資訊研究所 Institute Biomedical Information) 醫學資訊如何改善複雜高齡健康評量工具(Medical Informatics in Improving the Acceptability of Complex Geriatric Assessment Tools)
Mar 24 姚文萱 Adam yao(中央研究院生物醫學科學研究所Institute of Biomedical Sciences, IBMS) Clinical Research Information System: an example of using key methodologies to build a reliable complex IT service system
Apr 8 陳桂苓Belinda Chen (財團法人資訊工業策進會 Institute For Information Industry, III) 台灣生物資料庫經驗分享(Taipei Biobank Experience Sharing)
Apr 12 張傳雄Chuan - Hsiung Chang(國立陽明大學生物醫學資訊研究所 Institute Biomedical Information) 基因體密碼 - 我們如何解讀生命的藍圖(The Genome Code - our reverse and forward engineering approaches to decipher the blueprint of life)
Apr 15 廖本揚Ben-Yang Liao (國家衛生研究院群體健康科學研究所 Division of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Institute of Population Health Sciences, National Health Research Institutes) The mechanisms underlying phenotypic divergences between humans and mice
Apr 29 陳健生Chien-Sheng Jason Chen (中央大學系統生物與生物資訊所Graduate Institute of Systems Biology and Bioinformatics, National Central University) 大腸桿菌蛋白質體晶片的製造與應用(Fabrication and application of an E.coli proteome microarray)
May 4 楊立威Lee Wei Yang (Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology,Harvard University) Protein in the Move - Understanding Lock&Key and Induced-Fit in the Framework of Linear Response Theories
May 6 李御賢 Yun-Shiun Lee (銘傳大學生物科技學系) 利用Parent-Sibling Tracing分析人類減數分裂重組時的位置(Parent-Sibling Tracing: a Method to analyze the Meiotic Recombination Events in Humans)
May 13 陳倩瑜Chien-Yu Chen(台灣大學生物產業機電學系 Department of Bio-Industrial Mechatronics Engineering, National Taiwan University) 預測蛋白質與DNA之結合(Prediction of Protein-DNA interactions)
May 18 Dr. Vimla Lodhia Patel (Biomedical Informatics, in the School of Health Information
Sciences and Co-Director of the Center for Cognitive Informatics and Decision Making at
the University of Texas in Houston )
Human-Centered Design and Assessment of Health Information Technology 下午13:30圖資405
May 18 Dr. Edward H. Shortliffe ( Biomedical Informatics, School of Health Information Sciences, University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston ) Biomedical Informatics: Creating a New Breed of Health Professional 下午13:30圖資405
May 20 范盛娟CathyFann(中央研究院生物醫學科學研究所 Inatitute of Biomedical Sciences, IBMS) 「最長連檢定」評估 基因關聯性標圖的區塊顯著性(Using the Longest Significance Run to Estimate Region-Specific P-values in Genetic Association Mapping Studies)
May 27 金傳春Chwan-Chuen King (台灣大學公共衛生學院流行病學研究所 Institute of Epidemiology, National Taiwan University) Using Epidemiological Attributes Integrated with Health Informatics for  Better Pandemic Preparedness and Contribution to Global Health
Jun 3 何宜道 (中央研究院網格計算中心 ) Introduction of Bioinformatics on Grid Environment
Jun 10 曾新穆 Vincent S. Tseng  (成大資訊工程學系兼醫學資訊研究所所長Director and Professor, Institute of Medical Informatics Professor, Dept. Computer Science and Information Engineering
National Cheng Kung University)
生醫資料探勘之發展趨勢(Recent Development and Trends in Biomedical Data Mining)