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第一屆 (2005年畢業) ico_index_2.gif
姓名 指導教授 論文題目
方羿喬 林達顯 Automatic generation of possible initial structures to assist structural determination by NMR spectroscopy –An application to α/β class protein
陳孟均 蔡世峰 Single Nucleotide Popymorphism genotyping and a website for genetic studies on human chromosome 4q23-25 region
鄭正偉 楊永正 Pathway reconstruction by using high-throughput data
郭啟沐 黃明經 A bioinformatic approach to predict disease associated haplotypes
林謙德 鄒安平 Regulation of microRNAs(miRNAs)in Hepatocellular carcinoma

第二屆 (2006年畢業) ico_index_2.gif
姓名 指導教授 論文題目
高郁傑 吳韋納 Systematic Analysis of Heat Shock Response in Halobacterium sp. NRC-1
李伯賢 許世宜 An automatic high-throughput model building pipeline for protein tertiary structures
謝威翔 楊永正 Bioinformatics Analysis of Expressed Genes in Ganoderma lucidum
吳欣達 楊永正 Identify disease associated gene by literature mining
巫孟叡 吳韋納 Integrative Cancer Marker Discovery in Post Genomic Era
章人勻 黃宣誠 Elucidating the essentiality of essential genes in Escherichia coli K-12
鮑岳洋 黃宣誠 In Silico Study of Essential Genes in E. coli Metabolic Network
張智欽 黃宣誠 Functional Classification and Annotation of Expressed Genes in Normal and White Spot Syndrome Virus Infected Penaues monodon
廖心宜 林達顯 Automatic generation of possible initial structures to assist structural determination by NMR spectroscopy –An application to β class protein
楊善淳 張傳雄 Exhaustive Discovery of Escherichia coli K-12 MG1655 Missing Genes Using Comparative Genomics Approaches
劉家銓 黃明經 Deriving a scoring matrix for mapping protein local structure and sequence

第三屆 (2007年畢業) ico_index_2.gif
姓名 指導教授 論文題目
蔡怡璇 吳韋納 Homology Based Translation Start Site Curation Facilitated by Proteomic Analysis
黃奕綺 黃宣誠 Predicting Essential Genes Based on Network and Sequence Analysis
林文賢 黃明經 Topological Relationship of Tissue-Specific Genes on Protein-Protein Interaction Networks
郭政儒 鐘翊方 Using Conditional Random Fields for Gene Mention Tagging
楊思韻 鐘翊方 Network-based Metabolic Pathway Analysis for Lactococcus lactis IL1403
張興霽 林文昌 Construction of Mouse Sense/Antisense Transcript Regulatory Region Database
林佳鴻 林明薇 An Integrated Genetic Linkage Analysis Platform
羅建記 張傳雄 Identification of small RNAs and their regulatory roles in Escherichia coli
廖莉萍 林文昌 Bioinformatics discovery of rSNP based promoter regulatory motif alterations
馬誠佑 許世宜 Use Monte Carlo Method to Study the Formation of Amyloid Beta Fibril in Silico
楊靜佳 林照雄 Identification and characterization of unannotated proteome
蘇楹媛 林明薇 Develop an Integrated System for Genetic Association Study
黃亮瑾 吳韋納 Integrative Microarray Analysis – Automatically Search Candidate Network (AutoSCAN) to Discover Perturbed Pathways
林振慶 黃宣誠 An Essential Core of Protein Interaction Network in Escherichia coli
李柏毅 張傳雄 Whole genome comparison of human influenza viruses