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91級畢業生 ico_index_2.gif
姓名 指導教授 論文題目 目前現況
沈鈺翔 張博論 Usability Evaluation of a Wireless Multi-Modal Interaction Nursing Information System: Taking the Emergency Triage Support System as an Example
張凱峰 張博論 Experimenting Model of Coordinate Presentation Using 3-Dimensional Perspective Topic Map
黃圓媚 劉德明 Building Medical Record and Investigating the Usage of Image Matching Technique with Medical Record
陳信勇 王大為 Automatic Processing for the Balance Review of the NHI Outpatient Claim
黃智偉 劉德明 Integrating Microarray Data Analysis Services with Web Services and Workflow Infrastructure
顧憶珍 莊人祥 Automatic Processing of Pathological Reports for Classification of Brain Tumors
葉宗桓 張博論 The Development of a Work-Analysis-Oriented Nursing Information Competence Evaluating Support System
林美怡 莊人祥
Application of MedLEE to Process Medical Text Reports in Taiwan
許嘉容 張博論 Application of Graphical Relational Representation Techniques in Healthcare Website:Taking SARS Website Information Query and Representaion as an Example
佘建成 張博論 The Development of a RFID-and-PDA-based Nursing Shift Support System for Caring Clinical-Pathway In-Patients
葉詠雲 張博論 Development of Project-based clinical pathways management and support:Taking Laparoscopic cholecystectomy as an Example
黃珮儀 林文昌
Functional Association of SNP/InDel Variations in Human Reference Proteins by Evidence-Based Mining (EBM)
陳俊宇 張傳雄
A Method for Metabolic Pathway Comparison and Its Applications
陳虹瑋 劉德明 Computational identification of missing enzymatic gene based on conservation profile of correlated gene clusters
林家仁 許世宜 An Efficiently Integrated Protein Database- the Application of Evolutionary Trace Method
賈曉箴 張博論 The Study of Strategic Alliance between Different Industry for Health Informatics:the Case of 「Air Health Care System」
黃曉怡 劉德明 Applying Data Mining Techniques to Customer Management of Children Protective Inoculation
92級畢業生 ico_index_2.gif
姓名 指導教授 論文題目 目前現況
魏聰祐 張博論 Voice-guided and Questionnaire-based Patient Service System: Spinal Cord Injury Patients as an Example
蔡婷婷 莊人祥
Evaluation of Using Claims Data for the Development of Syndromic Surveillance System in Taipei City
蕭芳瑩 張博論 Developing an Intelligent Phone-based Emergency Triage Communication and Support System
曾文憲 張博論
Building an Integrated OMR-and-Paper-Based Data Automatic Collection Support System
吳儼庭 莊人祥
Prediction of Nosocomial Infection by using Artificial Neural Networks
盧嘉聯 張博論 The Application of Personal Information Management Software in Developing a Physical Examination Customer Relationship Management Messaging Center
黃首詠 莊人祥 Study of an Automatic Classification System for Patient Safety Reports
陸聖文 張博論 Optimizing Searching Strategy to Improve the Quality of Searched Health Web Information
鄭詠成 謝仁俊
Camera-Guided Coordinate System Alignment for Neuromagnetic Source Estimation
潘昭宇 林文昌 Design and Implementation of Bio Laboratories Experimental Records Management System
眭致遠 黃明經 A Knowledge Discovery Approach for Genome-wide Prediction of Polyadenylation Signals in Arabidopsis thaliana
陳柏宏 莊人祥 Using Keyword Search Method to Identify Pneumonia Case for Emergency Electronic Medical Record
93級畢業生 ico_index_2.gif
姓名 指導教授 論文題目
郭育吟 張博論 The Development of Assessment-Based Mobile Home Care Support Systems
柳景豑 劉德明 Prototype for the Development of Community-based Diabetic Information System:taking the Diabetic Eye Care as an Example
孫紀征 張博論
Prognosis Predication by Data Mining in Longitudinal Patient Record - Prognosis Prediction in Treatment of Urolithiasis as an Example
彭士晏 莊人祥 Predicting Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting with the Application of an Artificial Neural Network
林怡卿 劉德明 Prediction on Hospital Length of Stay in Case Payment by Using Data Mining Technique- A Case Study of Total Joint Replacement
詹大千 莊人祥 Using Geographic Information System to Study Air Pollution and Asthma in Taipei City
朱原嘉 張博論 The making of CDA-based Digital Convergence Representation Of Electronic Health Records:the case of Physical Examination Reports.
陳櫻鐙 張博論 The development of healthcare web commercials and hot issues monitoring support system
李東穎 莊人祥 Detection of Nosocomial Outbreaks by Using Control Charts
莊雯如 莊人祥
Treatment of Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysms:a cost-utility analysis
張翠容 張博論 The study of nurse-self-customizing the electronic nursing documentation system for the unit: the case of Kardex system
陳文志 張博論
Development of a Camera-Phone-Based Drug Barcode Recognition Support System
徐伊萱 劉德明 Fast Prototyping System for An Electronic Medical Record Portal
羅麗雅 劉德明 Study of Mobile Emergency Monitoring Prototype Syste
黃鈺庭 莊人祥 Using Markov Model to Predict the Incidence of Tuberculosis in Taiwan for the Next Decade
施政宇 劉德明 Study of Using Service-Oriented Architecture to Construct Clinical Information System
94級畢業生 ico_index_2.gif
姓名 指導教授 論文題目 目前現況
劉如偵 莊人祥 Studies on A Model for Predicting Readmission of Patients with Acute Pancreatitis
李柏炎 張博論 The Development of a Mashing-up-based Multidimensional Search Engine
簡曉莉 劉德明 Using Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing protocol to build the prototype of Personal Health Record system
朱倖誼 劉德明 Development of a Semantic-Web Based Searching System in Inoculation Knowledge
沈怡菁 劉德明 Prediction of Ischemic Stroke Length of Stay Using Data Mining Technique
賴湘芬 張博論 Developing a Usability-engineered Excel-based Nursing Administrative e-Form Generator
賴敏玲 張博論 The feasibility study of automatic categorization and quality evaluation for healthcare websites
許瑞麟 王大為 A Concise Representation of Temporal Medical Data and its Application to Decision Support
陳冠銘 劉德明 Implementation of An Automatic Classification System Extended from Open-Source Software: An Example on Nosocomial Infection/td>
許巧玲 張博論 The Development of a Usability-engineered PDA Form Design Support System