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Location:Rm. 402, Library, Information, and Research Building (圖資大樓402教室)

Date Speaker Topic Note
09/15 陳毅誠 Glycosylation site prediction using ensembles of Support Vector Machine classifiers
詹皇奕 Predicting and Validating Protein Interactions Using Network Structure
09/22 郭盈秀 High-Accuracy Peptide Mass Fingerprinting Using Peak Intensity Data with Machine Learning
涂志君 Computational Study on the Structural Diversity of Amyloid Beta Peptide (Ab10-35) Oligomers
09/29 李孟霜 Hubs in biological interaction networks exhibit low changes in expression in experimental asthma
張芳瑜 Analyses of intricate kinetics of the serum proteome during and after colon surgery by protein expression time series
10/13 吳明侃 Assessment of disease named entity recognition on a corpus of annotated sentences
10/27 許書睿 Discovering microRNAs from deep sequencing data
白哲濬 The ‘‘Alternative’’ Choice of Constitutive Exons throughout Evolution
11/03 施冠卉 A gene expression network model of type 2 diabetes links cell cycle regulation in islets with diabetes susceptibility
徐霈君 Network-based global inference of human disease genes
11/10 陳彥村 PFRES: protein fold classification by using evolutionary information and predicted secondary structure
劉郁彧 Patterns of evolution and host gene mining in influenza and other RNA viruses
11/17 賴恩語 Accurate prediction of protein–protein interactions from sequence alignments using a Bayesian method
盧怡君 A periodic pattern of SNPs in the human genome
11/24 邵暐超 AU-rich-element-mediated upregulation of translation by FXR1 and Argonaute 2
陳韻茹 Hierarchical structure and the prediction of missing
12/01 顏海威 Identification of gene interactions associated with disease from gene expression data using synergy networks
徐千婷 The use of gene ontology terms for predicting highly-connected 'hub' nodes in protein-protein interaction networks
12/08 梁詩屏 MicroRNAs to Nanog, Oct4 and Sox2 coding regions modulate embryonic stem cell differentiation
陳軍赫 Locations of the beta1 transmembrane helices in BK potassium channel
12/15 林冠廷 Predictive modeling of plant messenger RNA polyadenylation sites
柯懿昀 DNA evidence for historic population size and past ecosystem impacts of gray whales
12/22 張淑娟 Predicting synthetic rescues in metabolic networks
吳尚容 Mouse Model of Human Ovarian Endometrioid Adenocarcinoma Based on Somatic Defects in the Wnt/β-Catenin and PI3K/Pten Signaling Pathways
12/29 黃清閔 Precision enhancement of MALDI-TOF MS using high resolution peak detection and label-free alignment
許志隆 High-throughput, quantitative analyses of genetic interactions in E. coli
01/05 鄭唯深 Linking functionally related genes by sensitive and quantitative characterization of genetic interaction profiles
吳鴻中 Effects of Molecular Memory and Bursting on Fluctuations in Gene Expression

Location:Rm. 403, Library, Information, and Research Building (圖資大樓403教室)

Date Speaker Topic Note
10/13 黃俊喬 Evaluating the State-of-the-Art in Automatic De-identification
曾聖棋 Are Physicians Ready for Patients With Internet-Based Health Information?
10/27 沈曉萍 Estimating the Number of Independent
Components for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data
吳宜樺 Research challenges for electronic health records
11/03 蔣嘉興 LOINC in nursing information application
周怡廷 Semantic integration in healthcare networks
11/17 涂明香 Medication-related Clinical Decision Support in Computerized
高俊棟 The frequency of missed test results and associated treatment delays in a highly computerized health system
12/01 黃彥智 Randomized Trial of a Clinical Decision Support System: Impact on the Management of Children with Fever without Apparent Source
卓綺思 Merging Home and Health via Contemporary Care Delivery
蔡黛鈴 Web-based secure access from multiple patient repositories
12/08 郭明娟 The usability axiom of medical information systems
楊軒佳 Computerized Physician Order Entry with Clinical Decision Support in the Long-Term Care
楊維怡 Cost-Effectiveness of Influenza Vaccination in Working-Age Cancer Patients
12/15 張詠婷 A New Method to Guard Inpatient Medication Safety by the implementation of RFID
吳幸姿 “Smart Forms” in an Electronic Medical Record: Documentation-based Clinical Decision Support to Improve Disease Management
12/22 林哲如 SMART—An Integrated Wireless System for Monitoring Unattended Patients
黃祥瑋 MASCAL: RFID Tracking of Patients, Staff and Equipment to Enhance Hospital Response to Mass Casualty Events
12/29 方麗萍 E-Health Marketing
林建伍 Towards multimodal atlases of the human brain
01/05 王櫻婷 An Electronic Health Record Based on Structured Narrative
蔡宗佑 Effects of Computerized CDSS on Practitioner Performance and Patient Outcomes
01/12 李佩珊 Whose personal control? Creating private, personally controlled health records for pediatric and adolescent patients
劉玳縈 Twelve-Month Outcome of Adolescents With Bipolar Disorder Following First Hospitalization for a Manic or Mixed Episode