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Special Seminars (Autumn, 2010)
Time:12:15-13:30 PM
Place:Rm. 402, Library, Information and Research Building (圖資大樓4樓402教室)

99-1學術演講影片連結 (98-2) (98-1) (97-1) (97-2) (96-1) (96-2) (95-2)

Date Speaker Topic Note
Sep 23 黃健峰助理教授 Chien-Feng Huang (高雄大學 資訊工程學系 Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering National University of Kaohsiung)

以遺傳演算法尋找藥物響應網路之最佳化路徑 (Pathway Optimization of Drug Response Networks using Genetic Algorithms)

Sep 30 BIT2010
Oct 07 丁川康助理教授 Chuan-Kang Ting(中正大學 資訊工程系 Department of Computer Science and Information EngineeringNational Chung Cheng University) 演化式計算(Introduction to Evolutionary Computation)
Oct 14 朱彥煒助理教授 Yen-Wei Chu (國立中興大學 生物資訊研究所 Graduate Institution Genomics and Bioinformatics National Chung Hsing University ) siDE: an siRNA design engine by integrating the SVMs prediction and features filters
Oct 21 徐建業教授 Chien-Yeh Hsu (臺北醫學大學醫學資訊研究所 Graduate Institution Bioinformatics Taipei Medical University ) 個人化健康醫療管理,醫療資訊應用新視野
Oct 28 黃致豪博士 Jyh‐How Huang (Remote Health Monitoring System R&D Department, National Taiwan University, Taipei Taiwan) 丟下博士學位兩年,去爬世界最高峰(Leave your PhD degree on hold for 2 years and climb Everest)
Nov 04 Dr. Yang-Cheng Fann (Director, Intramural IT and Bioinformatics Program, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, MD.) NINDS Intramural Biomedical Informatics Resource for Neuroscience Research
Nov 11 期中考週
Nov 18 蔡育秀教授 Yuh-Show Tsai(中原大學生物醫學工程學系 Biomedical Engineering Department
Deputy Dean, Academic Affairs
Chung Yuan Christain University)
分子生物影像於蛋白質動態分析應用(Molecular Image Processing in Protein Dynamic Property Analysis Applications)
Nov 25 陳春賢助理教授 Chun-Hsien Chen (長庚大學 資訊管理學系 Department of Information Management Chanf Gung University) 蛋白質磷酸化序列之叢集分析與其視覺化(Cluster analysis and visualization of protein phosphorylation sequences)
Dec 02 彈性運用
Dec 09 蕭正英醫師 Cheng-Ying Shiau(台北榮民總醫院 癌病中心 放射腫瘤科 Taipei Veterans General Hospital Cancer center) 從醫師的觀點看醫院資訊系統與醫療研究資料庫之整合(Integrating Hospital Information System and Medical Research Database, From The Perspective of A Physician)
Dec 16 張禾坤教授 Her-Kun Chang(長庚大學 資訊管理學系 Department of Information Management Chanf Gung University) Diabetes self-care supporting service: design and evaluation
Jan 6 鄭兆^ Chao-Min Cheng (Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Harvard University)
疾病檢測”紙”晶片(Paper Diagnostic Systems)