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授課系級:生醫資所博士班、中研院國際研究生生物資訊學程 碩博士班生資專討上傳系統

生資博專題討論 (博二以上)
Instructors:黃宣誠老師, 巫坤品老師
Location:Rm. 411, Library, Information and Research Building (圖資大樓411教室)
Time:Monday, 13:30-15:20
Date Speaker Topic Note
10月04日 陳亭妏 Gene Family Size Conservation Is a Good Indicator of Evolutionary Rates
10月11日 黃瑞蘭 Dnmt3a-Dependent Nonpromoter DNA Methylation Facilitates Transcription of Neurogenic Genes
10月18日 高銓澤 An alignment-free model for comparison of regulatory sequences
11月01日 楊崎 Probabilistic integrative modeling of genome-scale metabolic and regulatory networks in Escherichia coli and Mycobacterium tuberculosis
11月15日 林冠廷 Detection of splice junctions from paired-end RNA-seq data by SpliceMap
11月22日 高偉峰 Effects of CYP2C19 Genotype on Outcomes of Clopidogrel Treatment
11月29日 江素倩 Bayesian approach to transforming public gene expression repositories into disease diagnosis databases
12月06日 楊志賢 Structural sources of robustness in biochemical reaction networks
12月13日 陳韻如 Examination of the relationship between essential genes in PPI network and hub proteins in reverse nearest neighbor topology

Location:Rm. 404, Library, Information and Research Building, NYMU (圖資大樓404教室)
Date Speaker Topic Note
10月07日 許家郎 Edgetic perturbation models of human inherited disorders
10月21日 劉郁彧 A computational analysis of the antigenic properties of haemagglutinin in influenza A H3N2
10月28日 翁淳逸 Improving protein secondary structure prediction using a simple k-mer model
11月18日 黃櫻雪 Dissecting the expression patterns of transcription factors across conditions using an integrated network-based approach
11月25日 方格煒 Large-Scale Analysis of Network Bistability for Human Cancers
12月02日 房俊傑 MIReNA: finding microRNAs with high accuracy and no learning at genome scale and from deep sequencing data
12月09日 李懿瑋 Sequence signatures and mRNA concentration can explain two-thirds of protein abundance variation in a human cell line
12月16日 趙痝 Structural signatures of antibiotic binding sites on the ribosome
12月30日 巫孟叡 Accurate quantification of transcriptome from RNA-Seq data by effective length normalization