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Special Seminars (Autumn, 2011)
Time 12:15 PM
Place Rm. 402, Library, Information and Research Building (圖資大樓4樓402室)
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Date Speaker Topic Note
Oct 06 林文杰助理教授Wen-Chieh (Steve) Lin  (交通大學資訊工程學系Department of Computer Science National Chiao-Tung University) 基於感知的電腦圖學(Perception-based Computer Graphics) WEBSITE


Oct 13 陳美如主任Mei-Ju Chen(臺北市立聯合醫院社區醫學科Community medicine Division, Taipei City Hospital ) 「市民健康生活照護服務試辦計畫」經驗分享與應用(The Application and Experience on Taipei Citizen Telehealth Care Service Model)
Oct 20 莊家峰教授 Chia-Feng Juang中興大學電機系Department of Electrical Engineering of  Chung Hsing University) 基於糢糊法則之分類器與應用(Fuzzy Rule-based Classifiers and Applications ) WEBSITE
Oct 27 本週演講活動暫停一次
Nov 03 江博煌助研究員Po-Huang Chiang(國衛院群體健康科學研究所 National Health Research Institutes) 地理資訊系統在衛生醫療上的應用 (Application of Geographic Information System(GIS) in Health and Medical Research) WEBSITE
Nov 10 胡毓志副教授Yuh-Jyh Hu (國立交通大學資訊工程研究所Department of Computer Science National Chiao-Tung University) 病人自控麻醉之資料探勘應用(Application of Data Mining to Patient Controlled Analgesia)
Nov 17 黃耀廷助理教授Yao-Ting Haung
(中正大學資訊工程系Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Chung Cheng University)
以組合演算法進行單核甘酸多型性之連鎖不平衡分析(Combinatorial approaches for linkage disequilibrium analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms) WEBSITE
Nov 24 潘健一助理教授Jiann-I Pan(慈濟大學醫資系Department of Medical Informatics of Tzu-Chi University) 建構於智慧型手機與無線感測網路之運動行為偵測系統
(Detecting Exercise Activity Using Smartphone and Wireless Sensor Network)
Dec 01 吳豐祥教授Vincent ( Feng-Shang ) Wu (政治大學科技管理研究所 Graduate Institute of Technology and Innovation Management
National Chengchi University)
Dec 08 郭冠良主任(仁愛醫院家醫科) 整合臨床決策支援的健檢系統 — 使用者與開發者觀點
(HEALS: A Health Examination System Integrated with Clinical Decision Support —– the Perspective of a User and Developer)
Dec 15 蔡志鑫助研究員(中央研究院統計科學研究所 Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica ) 以定點演算法及再現性分析實現時空獨立成份之排序與確認(Ranking and validating the spatiotemporal independent components by fast fixed-point algorithm and reproducibility) Abstract
Dec 22 林文鐽博士Wen-Dar Lin(中研院植物暨微生物學研究所Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology , Academia Sinica ) 次世代定序用於偵測樣本相關之選擇性剪接(Detecting sample-sensitive alternative splicing events in RNAseq data)