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Special Seminars (Spring, 2012)
Time 12:15 PM
Place Rm. 402, Library, Information and Research Building (圖資大樓4樓402室)
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Date Speaker Topic Note
Mar 15 劉德明副教授Der-Ming Liou(陽明大學生物醫學資訊研究所Institute of Biomedical Informatics, National Yang-Ming University) 營造健康資訊互通環境以整合醫療與公衛之研究
Mar 22 林耀鈴教授兼教務長 Yaw-Ling Lin(靜宜大學資工系Dept. Computer Sci. and Information Engineering Providence University) 設計分子序列應用於生物訊號位置搜索之演算法及應用Synthetic Biology: Synthetic Sequence Design for Signal Location Search Relative Info.
Mar 29 黃宣誠副教授(陽明大學生物醫學資訊研究所Institute of Biomedical Informatics, National Yang-Ming University) Revealing Biological Contexts in Signed Molecular Networks
Apr 05 張鴻洋總監(IBM智慧生活前瞻研究中心) Share experiences in health management business models and care management analytics
Apr 12 王大為研究員Da-Wei Wang(中研院資訊科學所Academia Sinica, Institute of Information Science) 流感散播空間動態的高效率模擬系統(Efficient simulation of the spatial transmission dynamics of influenza)
Apr 19 期中考週
Apr 26 林惠文助理教授Hui-Wen Lin(東吳數學系Department of Mathematics, Soochow University) 敏感度分析中bootstrap方法的應用:探討卵巢癌在骨盆腔炎婦女之風險(Bootstrap approach for sensitivity analysis: Risk of ovarian cancer in women with pelvic inflammatory Disease)
May 03 鄭為正博士Wei-Chen Cheng(中央研究院統計科學研究所 Institute of Statistical Science Academia Sinica) 基於樣板陣列之核磁共振影像分析(Analysis on the basis of Template Array for Magnetic Resonance Images)
May 10
May 17 蔡宗翰副教授 Richard Tzong-Han Tsai(元智資訊工程學系Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Yuan Ze University) 生物醫學與臨床文獻之文獻探勘(Text-Mining of Biomedical Literature and Clinical Texts)
May 24 楊士德博士Hsih-Te Yang (ORISE Fellow, FDA/CBER/OBE, MD USA) 在胚胎幹細胞的基因調控網絡的系統分析(Systematic analysis of gene regulatory networks in embryonic stem cell)