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  • 職稱:    教授, 公共衛生研究所
  • 學歷:    英國倫敦大學精神遺傳學博士
  • 辦公室:  醫學館212室
  • 電話:    886-2-28267379
  • Email:   mwlinat.pngym.edu.tw
  • 個人網頁http://sm.ym.edu.tw/staff/?id=mwlin
  • 人類疾病及複雜性狀之遺傳聯鎖分析及遺傳
  • Journal Papers
    1. Ding-Dar Lee,* Ming-Wei Lin,* I-Chun Chen, Chun-Yu Huang, Ming-Tzen Liu, Chi-Ruy Wang, Yun-Ting Chang, Han-Nan Liu, Kwang-Jen Hsiao, Chu-Kwan Wong, and Shih-Feng Tsai (2004) A genome-wide scan of familial primary cutaneous amyloidosis provides evidence for linkage to chromosome 5p13.1-q11.2. (Manuscript in preparation, * equal contribution)
    2. The-Ling Liou, Ming-Wei Lin, Li-Chuan Hsiao, Ting-Ting Tsai, Wan-Leong Chan, Low-Tone Ho, and Chii-Min Hwu (2004) Is hyperuricemia another facet of the metabolic syndrome? (submitted) (SCI)
    3. Shiou-Hwei Yeh, Ming-Wei Lin, Shu-Fen Lu, Dai-Chen Wu, Shih-Feng Tsai, Ching-Yi Tsai, Ming-Yang Lai, Hey-Chi Hsu, Ding-Shinn Chen, and Pei-Jer Chen (2004) Allelic loss of chromosome 4q21-23 associates with hepatitis B virus related hepatocarcinogenesis and elevated alpha-fetoprotein. Hepatology (in press) (SCI)
    4. Wei-Ming Chen, Yu-Fen Liu, Ming-Wei Lin, I-Chun Chen, Pei-Yu Lin, Guan-Lu Lin, Yuh-Shan Jou, Yang-Te Lin, Cathy F. J. Fann, Jer-Yuarn Wu, Kuang-Jen Hsiao, and Shih-Feng Tsai (2004) Report of Pedigrees of Autosomal Dominant Avascular Necrosis of Femoral Head and Linkage to Chromosome 12q13. American Journal of Human Genetics 75: 310-317 (SCI)
    5. Ming-Wei Lin, Ding-Dar Lee, Chih-Hung Lin, Chun-Yu Huang, Chu-Kwan Wong, Yun-Ting Chang, Han-Nan Liu, Kwang-Jen Hsiao and Shih-Feng Tsai (2004) Suggestive linkage of familial primary cutaneous amyloidosis to a locus on chromosome 1q23. British Journal of Dermatology (in press) (SCI)
  • Conference Papers
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