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授課系級 生醫資訊所博士班、中研院國際研究生生物資訊學程
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[生資博士班] 1011[生醫資專討I(生資)(博)]
Instructors 張傳雄老師、鍾翊方老師
Location 圖資大樓519教室 (Rm. 519, Library, Information, and Research Building)
Time Thursday,15:30-18:20
Website http://video.ym.edu.tw/course/view.php?id=85
Date Speaker Topic Note
10月04日 劉孟婷 PREDICT: a method for inferring novel drug indications with application to personalized medicine TIGP
10月11日 李懿瑋 Deriving transcriptional programs and functional processes from gene expression databases BMI
10月18日 林暮家 Protein-binding dynamics imaged in a living cell TIGP
11月22日 陳韻茹 Functional organization and its implication in evolution of the human protein-protein interaction network BMI
11月29日 Ezhilarasan Veeramani Protein docking prediction using predicted protein-protein interface TIGP
12月06日 林暮家 - TIGP
12月13日 Ignasius Irwan The GENCODE v7 catalog of human long noncoding RNAs: Analysis of their gene structure, evolution, and expression TIGP
12月20日 Thejkiran Pitti Prediction and analysis of nucleotide-binding residues using sequence and sequence-derived structural descriptors TIGP
12月27日 張慧如 Characterization of DNA methyltransferase specificities using single-molecule, reat-time DNA sequencing BMI

[醫資博士班] 1011[生醫資專討II(醫資)(博)]
Instructors 劉德明老師、江博煌老師
Location 圖資大樓417教室 (Rm. 417, Library, Information, and Research Building)
Time Monday,13:20-15:10
Website http://video.ym.edu.tw/course/view.php?id=86
Date Speaker Topic Note
10月08日 叢琣瓏 Progress and Challenge in Meeting Meaningful Use at an Integrated Delivery Network
曹筱玫 Surveillance of medication use: early identification of poor adherence
10月15日 趙痝 An interactive image-based voting system using windows mobile devices
孫英洲 Where should electronic records for patients be stored?
10月22日 Przemyslaw Timely detection of localized excess influenza activity in Northern California across patient care, prescription, and laboratory data
吳乃元 Clinically Relevant Changes in Family History of Cancer Over Time
10月29日 楊軒佳 A novel algorithm for detection of adverse drug reaction signals using a hospital electronic medical record database
洪煥程 Managing urinary incontinence through hand-held real-time decision support aid
11月05日 李穎俐 Semantic similarity-based alignment between clinical archetypes and SNOMED CT: An application to observations
溫子寧 Implementation of an innovative web-based conference table for community-dwelling frail older people, their informal caregivers and professionals: a process evaluation
11月12日 劉力幗 Factors influencing use of an e-health website in a community sample of older adults
林家威 Mobile health IT: The effect of user interface and form factor on doctor–patient communication
11月19日 劉盈丹 Towards Brain First-Aid: A Diagnostic Device for Conscious Awareness
叢琣瓏 Development and evaluation of a comprehensive clinical decision support taxonomy - comparison of front-end tools in commercial and internally developed electronic health record systems
11月26日 曹筱玫 Clinical decision support with automated text processing for cervical cancer screening
趙痝 Digital teaching library (DTL) development for radiography education
12月03日 孫英洲 Patient characteristics associated with venous thromboembolic events: a cohort study using pooled electronic health record data
Przemyslaw Ecological analysis of social risk factors for Rotavirus infections in Berlin
12月10日 吳乃元 Publication misconduct and plagiarism retractions: a systematic, retrospective study
楊軒佳 Statin Use and Reduced Cancer-Related Mortality
12月17日 溫子寧 Active ambulatory care management supported by short message services and mobile phone technology in patients with arterial hypertension
李穎俐 Development of the nursing problem list subset of SNOMED CT
12月24日 劉力幗 Factors influencing use of an e-health website in a community sample of older adults
洪煥程 Vaginal Tactile Imaging
01月07日 林家威 Effectiveness of a website and mobile phone based physical activity and nutrition intervention for middle-aged males: Trial protocol and baseline findings of the ManUp Study
劉盈丹 NeuroGlasses: A Neural Sensing Healthcare System for 3-D Vision Technology