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[生資博士班] 1012[生醫資專討I(生資博)]
Instructors 張傳雄老師、鍾翊方老師
Location 圖資大樓519教室 (Rm. 519, Library, Information, and Research Building)
Time Thursday,15:30-17:20
Website http://video.ym.edu.tw/course/view.php?id=95
Date Speaker Topic Note
03月07日 張慧如 Genomic analysis of circulating cell-free DNA infers breast cancer dormancy BMI
03月14日 李懿瑋 Important miRs of Pathways in Different Tumor Types BMI
03月21日 陳韻茹 Deciphering and Prediction of Transcriptome Dynamics under Fluctuating Field Conditions BMI
03月28日 Christopher Alan StuartStringfellow (林暮家) STAR: ultrafast universal RNA-seq aligner TIGP
05月09日 Thejkiran Pitti Understanding the importance of the aromatic amino-acid residues as hot-spots TIGP
05月16日 Ignasius Irwan Stochastic expression dynamics of a transcription factor revealed by single-molecule noise analysis TIGP
05月23日 Ezhilarasan Veeramani Identification of Binding Specificity-Determining Features in Protein Families TIGP
05月30日 Meng-Ting Liu (劉孟婷) Large-scale prediction and testing of drug activity on side-effect targets TIGP

[醫資博士班] 1012[生醫資專討II(醫資博)]
Instructors 張博論老師
Location 圖資大樓402教室 (Rm. 402, Library, Information, and Research Building)
Time Monday,13:20-15:10
Website http://video.ym.edu.tw/course/view.php?id=96
Date Speaker Topic Note
03月11日 李穎俐 Human computation as a new method for evidence-based knowledge transfer in Web-based guideline development groups: proof of concept randomized controlled trial.
洪煥程 Use of electronic health record data to evaluate overuse of cervical cancer screening
劉力幗 How Patients Recovering From Alcoholism Use a Smartphone Intervention.
03月18日 溫子寧 The feasibility and validity of ambulatory self-report of psychotic symptoms using a smartphone software application
林家威 OdinTelehealth: A Mobile Service Platform for Telehealth
楊軒佳 OdinTelehealth: A Mobile Service Platform for Telehealth
03月25日 劉盈丹 Bedside detection of awareness in the vegetative state: a cohort study
叢琣瓏 Evaluation of clinical decision support algorithm for patient-specific childhood immunization
04月01日 曹筱玫 Modeling Temporal Relationships In Large Scale Clinical Associations
趙痝 Looking in the Same Manner but Seeing it Differently: Bottom-up and Expertise Effects in Radiology
04月08日 孫英洲
Przemyslaw A validation of ground ambulance pre-hospital times modeled using geographic information systems
05月06日 吳乃元 Honorary and ghost authorship in high impact biomedical journals: a cross sectional survey
林敬 A semantic-web oriented representation of the clinical element model for secondary use of electronic health records data
05月13日 羅盈智 Variation in Patient-Sharing Networks of Physicians Across the United States
鄭伯良 Advancements in Noncontact, Multiparameter Physiological Measurements Using a Webcam
05月20日 李品萱 CBT for depression: a pilot RCT comparing mobile phone vs. computer