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Special Seminars (Autumn, 2013)
Time 12:10 PM
Place Rm. 402, Library, Information and Research Building (圖資大樓4樓402室)
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Date Speaker Topic Note
Sep 26
吳俊德副教授 Gin-Der Wu(暨南大學電機工程學系Department of Electrical Engineering, National Chi Nan University)
基於W5之嵌入式系統(Wu 5th Processor (W5) Based Embedded System)
Oct 03
秦群立副教授 Chiun-Li Chin(中山醫學大學醫學資訊研究所Medical Informatics, Chung Shan Medical University)
醫學影像處理(Medical image processing)
Oct 24 洪瑞鴻助理教授 Jui-Hung Hung(國立交通大學生物科技學系暨研究所 Department of Biological Science and Technology, National Chiao Tung University) 利用生物資訊學方法與次世代定序研究微小干擾核醣核酸(The use of bioinformatics methods and the next generation sequencing technology in studying small silencing RNAs)
Nov 07 林榮信副研究員Jung-Hsin Lin(中央研究院應用科學研究中心Research Center for Applied Sciences, Academia Sinica) Networks within Biomolecules and Their Functional Inferences
Nov 21 鄧致剛副教授 Petrus Tang(長庚大學生物醫學研究所Department of Parasitology, College of Medicine, Chang Gung University) 特定區域定序數據視覺化分析系统(Visualization and Analysis of Targeted Sequencing Datasets )
Nov 28 蕭富榮助理教授 Fu-Jung Hsiao(陽明大學腦科學研究所Institute of Brain Science, National Yang-Ming University) 多維度腦電/磁波訊號處理與其於神經疾病的應用(Multi-domain EEG/MEG signal processing and its application to neurological diseases)
Dec 05 彭明德助理教授 Ming-Der Perng(清華大學生科系分子醫學研究所Institute of Molecular Medicine, National Tsing Hua University) Myopathic mutations in desmin triggers mitochondrial clumping and loss of cell viability
Dec 12 周立德教授 Li-Der Chou(中央大學資訊工程學系暨國家高速網路與計算中心Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Central University & National Center for High-Performance Computing) 臺灣高品質學術研究網路之現況與未來展望(The Present and Future of Taiwan Advanced Research and Education Network (TWAREN) )
Dec 19 劉玉凡副教授 Yu-Fan Liu(中山醫學大學生物醫學科學學系Department of Biomedical Sciences, Chung Shan Medical University) 生物資訊學在醫藥課題之應用 (Bioinformatics approaches in biomedical problems)