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授課系級 生醫資訊所博士班、中研院國際研究生生物資訊學程
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[生資博士班] 1021[生醫資專討I(生資博)]
Instructors 張傳雄老師
Location 圖資大樓519教室 (Rm. 519, Library, Information, and Research Building)
Time Thursday,15:30-18:20
Website http://video.ym.edu.tw/course/view.php?id=106
Date Speaker Topic Note
10月24日 張慧如 A role for PVRL4-driven cell–cell interactions in tumorigenesis BMI
Jerome Penaflor Panibe TIGP
10月31日 Chi-Chun Chen TIGP
孫在揚 Inference of alternative splicing from RNA-Seq data with PSG BMI
11月07日 X
11月21日 X
11月28日 Alcides Bernardo Tello TIGP
Cheng-Kai Shiau TIGP
12月05日 Yenchen Lo TIGP
Chiahung Lin TIGP
12月12日 Yen Hsieh Chen TIGP
Hsiu-man Chen TIGP
12月19日 Nikhil Pathak TIGP
Kidane Gebereyesus TIGP
12月26日 Divya Sahu TIGP

[醫資博士班] 1021[生醫資專討II(醫資博)]
Instructors 劉德明老師
Location 圖資大樓405教室 (Rm. 405, Library, Information, and Research Building)
Time Monday,13:20-15:10
Website http://video.ym.edu.tw/course/view.php?id=107
Date Speaker Topic Note
10月07日 李品萱 Evaluation of a 3D serious game for advanced life support retraining
鄭伯良 Online Social Network Use by Health Care Providers in a High Traffic Patient Care Environment
10月14日 羅盈智 A Study on Pubmed Search Tag Usage Pattern: Association Rule Mining of a Full-day Pubmed Query Log
曹筱玫 Toward creation of a cancer drug toxicity knowledge base: automatically extracting cancer drug–side effect relationships from the literature
10月21日 叢琣瓏 Development and Validation of a continuous measure of patient condition using the Electronic Mdeical Record
劉盈丹 Life or Death- Prognostic Value of a Resting EEG with Regards to Survival in Patients in Vegetative and Minimally Conscious States
10月28日 楊軒佳 Identifying patients with diabetes and the earliest date of diagnosis in real time an electronic health record case-finding algorithm
林家威 Identifying preferences for mobile health applications for self-monitoring and self-management: Focus group findings from HIV-positive persons and young mothers
11月04日 劉力幗 Mobile health (mHealth) based medication adherence measurement
溫子寧 Connecting Health and Technology (CHAT): protocol of a randomized controlled trial to improve nutrition behaviours using mobile devices and tailored text messaging in young adults
11月11日 洪煥程 Structured electronic operative reporting: Comparison with dictation in kidney cancer surgery
李穎俐 Evaluation of User Interface and Workflow Design of a Bedside Nursing Clinical Decision Support System
12月09日 郭明娟 Scanning for Safety An Integrated Approach to Improved Bar-Code Medication Administration
張至潔 Open Drug Discovery Teams: A Chemistry Mobile App for Collaboration