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[生資碩士班] 1031[生醫資專討(碩班生資I)]
Instructors 楊永正老師、王禹超老師、鍾翊方老師
Location 圖資大樓404教室 (Rm. 404, Library, Information, and Research Building)
Time Monday,13:20-15:10
Website http://video.ym.edu.tw/course/view.php?id=124
Date Speaker Topic Note
10月06日 林冠翰 Classification of retinal ganglion cells in the southern hemisphere lamprey Geotria australis (Cyclostomata)
李姿瑩 Prediction of Multi-Type Membrane Proteins in Human by an Integrated Approach
10月13日 陳子廷 Improving protein function prediction using domain and protein complexes in PPI networks
鄭中遠 Functional Gene-Set Analysis Does Not Support a Major Role for Synaptic Function in Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
10月20日 楊沛佳 Characterization of a quorum sensing device for synthetic biology design : Experimental and modeling validation
游文萱 Computational analysis identifies a sponge interaction network between long non-coding RNAs and messenger RNAs in human breast cancer
10月27日 呂佩珺 A Computational Framework to Infer Human Disease-Associated Long Noncoding RNAs
郭子顥 Leveraging Cross-Species Transcription Factor Binding Site Patterns: From Diabetes Risk Loci to Disease Mechanisms
11月03日 杜岳華 Timescales and bottlenecks in miRNA-dependent gene regulation
郭帥立 Automated classifiers for early detection and diagnosis of retinopathy in diabetic eyes
11月17日 王翊豪 Copy number polymorphisms near SLC2A9 are associated with serum uric acid concentrations
歐亦如 De Novo Mutations in Moderate or Severe Intellectual Disability
11月24日 蔡庭瑋 Insertion of the Ca2+-Independent Phospholipase A2 into a Phospholipid Bilayer via Coarse-Grained and Atomistic Molecular Dynamics Simulations
蔡青佑 Of text and gene - using text mining methods to uncover hidden knowledge in toxicogenomics

[生資碩士班] 1031[生醫資專討(碩班生資II)]
Instructors 李國彬老師、巫坤品老師
Location 圖資大樓411教室 (Rm. 411, Library, Information, and Research Building)
Time Monday,13:20-15:10
Website http://video.ym.edu.tw/course/view.php?id=125
Date Speaker Topic Note
10月06日 鄭勤翰 Nonrigid Registration of Ultrasound and MRI Using Contextual Conditioned Mutual Information
呂孝延 Analysis of the Robustness of Network-Based Disease-Gene Prioritization Methods Reveals Redundancy in the Human Interactome and Functional Diversity of Disease-Genes
10月13日 徐佳瑜 Nonhybrid, finished microbial genome assemblies from long-read SMRT sequencing data
陳正達 Transcription Factor Binding Sites Prediction Based on Modified Nucleosomes
10月20日 盧佳妤 Integrating Genomics and Proteomics Data to Predict Drug Effects Using Binary Linear Programming
陳思安 Interpreting 16S metagenomic data without clustering to achieve sub-OTU resolution 改為12/1報告
10月27日 陳冠龍 -
劉謹瑋 Mammalian conserved ADAR targets comprise only a small fragment of the human editosome
11月03日 邱郁涵 A Multiscale Approach to Modelling Drug Metabolism by Membrane-Bound Cytochrome P450 Enzymes
金凱倫 Improved Rat Genome Gene Prediction by Integration of ESTs with RNA-Seq Information
11月17日 呂紹民 Discovery of co-occurring driver pathways in cancer
林秉鴻 A High-Dimensional, Deep-Sequencing Study of Lung Adenocarcinoma in Female Never-Smokers
11月24日 邱翎雅 Systematic Prioritization and Integrative Analysis of Copy Number Variations in Schizophrenia Reveal Key Schizophrenia Susceptibility Genes
陳子堯 Normalization of RNA-seq data using factor analysis of control genes or samples

[醫資碩博士班] 1031[生醫資專討(碩、博班醫資)]
Instructors 劉德明老師
Location 圖資大樓402教室 (Rm. 402, Library, Information, and Research Building)
Time Monday,13:20-15:10
Website http://video.ym.edu.tw/course/view.php?id=126
Date Speaker Topic 同組博班生 評論組別
09月15日 邵繼泓 A A case study of the Secure Anonymous Information Linkage (SAIL) Gateway: A privacy-protecting remote access system for health-related research and evaluation 鄭伯良 L
盧亞伶 B Evaluating the use of mobile phone technology to enhance cardiovascular disease screening by community health workers 劉盈丹 M
胡耿華 C Impact of an Electronic Health Record Operating Room Management System in Ophthalmology on Documentation Time, Surgical Volume, and Staffing N
09月22日 林承翰 D The effect of a Computerised Decision Support System (CDSS) on compliance with the prehospital assessment process: results of an interrupted time-series study 洪煥程 O
洪珮媛 E Validating archetypes for the Multiple Sclerosis Functional Composite 劉力幗 P
林玹墨 F Mobile NBM - android medical mobile application designed to help in learning how to identify the different regions of interest in the brain’s white matter 林家威 Q
09月29日 楊伯韡 G Instant messaging at the hospital Supporting articulationwork 楊軒佳 R
張書豪 H Cost-effectiveness of an electronic medication ordering system (CPOE/CDSS) in hospitalizedpatients 李穎俐 S
侯靜茹 I A pilot study on the views of elderly regional Australians of personally controlled electronic health records 羅盈智 T
10月06日 龔郁婷 J Measuring Life Space in Older Adults with Mild-to-Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease Using Mobile Phone GPS 張至潔 U
陳祈光 K Needs analysis and development of a tailored mobile message program linked with electronic health records for weight reduction 楊軒佳 V
10月13日 林泰村 L One-year outcome of an interactive internet-based physicalactivity intervention 鄭宏煒 W
陳冠廷 M Design of a Wireless Sensor Network Platform for Tele-Homecare 蔡政霖 A
10月20日 周昕毅 N Impact of a web-based personally controlled health management system on influenza vaccination and health services utilization rates: a randomized controlled trial 李祥豪 B
張吟綺 O Using the ResearchEHR platform to facilitate the practical application of the EHR standards 張靖憲 C
10月27日 周儀柔 P The discriminatory cost of ICD-10-CM transition between clinical specialties metrics, case study, and mitigating tools 張又升 D
張雅琪 Q User acceptance of a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) in a Saudi Arabian hospital radiology department 李毅信 E
11月03日 黃仁甫 R Interoperative fundus image and report sharing in compliance with integrating the healthcare enterprise conformance and web access to digital imaging and communication in medicine persistent object protocol 李穎俐 F
陳怡靜 S Testing Usability and Acceptability of a Web Application to Promote Physical Activity (iCanFit) Among Older Adults 洪煥程 G
11月10日 周雯淇 T FoodSwitch :A mobile phone app to enable consumers to make healthier food choices and crowdsourcing of national food composition data 鄭伯良 H
陳日陞 U A Wireless Portable System With Microsensors for Monitoring Respiratory Diseases 劉盈丹 I
11月17日 李旨雅 V Scenarios, personas and user stories- User-centered evidence-based design representations of communicable disease investigations 劉力幗 J
徐子述 W Mobile Cloud-Computing-Based Healthcare Service by Noncontact ECG Monitoring 林家威 K
Date Speaker Topic Note
11月24日 張至潔 Data for improvement and clinical excellence: report of an interrupted time series trial of feedback in long-term care
楊軒佳 Adjunctive Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy Improves Survival in Patients With Advanced Breast Cancer
12月01日 洪煥程 Development and validation of a surgical training simulator with haptic feedback for learning bone-sawing skill
劉力幗 Older adults are mobile too! Identifying the barriers and facilitators to older adults’ use of mHealth for pain management
12月08日 蔡政霖 Clinical Prediction from Structural Brain MRI Scans:A Large-Scale Empirical Study
李穎俐 Implementation and evaluation of an integrated computerized asthma management system in a pediatric emergency department: A randomized clinical trial
12月15日 劉盈丹 Designing an efficient electroencephalography system using database with embedded images management approach​
鄭伯良 Ultrasound-Guided Central Venous Access Using Google Glass
羅盈智 Evolution of Treatment Regimens in Multiple Myeloma: A Social Network Analysis
12月22日 鄭宏煒 The accuracy of Internet search engines to predict diagnoses from symptoms can be assessed with a validated scoring system
林家威 Enhancing patient understanding of medical procedures:Evaluation of an interactive multimedia program within-line exercises
12月29日 李祥豪 Applicability of IHE/Continua components for PHR systems: Learning from experiences
張又升 Effectiveness of a Web-Based Physical Activity Intervention in Patients With Knee and_or Hip Osteoarthritis RCT
李毅信 Does an integrated Emergency Department Information System change the sequence of clinical work? A mixed-method cross site study