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授課系級 生醫資訊所博士班、中研院國際研究生生物資訊學程
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[生資博士班] 1042[生醫資專討I(生資)(博)]
Instructors 張傳雄老師
Location 圖資大樓519教室 (Rm. 519, Library, Information, and Research Building)
Time Thursday,15:30-17:20
Website http://tigpbp.iis.sinica.edu.tw/tigpbio/2016Spring.html
Date Speaker Topic Note
02月18日 Yenchen Lo(2013) Accelerating molecular simulations of proteins using Bayesian inference on weak information TIGP
02月25日 Hsiu-man Chen(2013) Germline Mutations in Predisposition Genes in Pediatric Cancer TIGP
03月03日 Divya Sahu(2013) Comprehensive analysis of lncRNA-mRNA co-expression pattern identifies immune associated lncRNA biomarkers in ovarian cancer malignant progression TIGP
03月10日 Kidane Gebereyesus(2013) lodGWAS: a software package for genome-wide association analysis of biomarkers with a limit of detection TIGP
03月17日 Yen Hsieh Chen(2013) Identification of GALNT14 as a novel neuroblastoma predisposition gene TIGP
03月24日 Jerome Penaflor Panibe(2013) A genome-wide survey reveals abundant rice blast R genes in resistant cultivars TIGP
03月31日 Chiahung Lin(2013) Tumour exosome integrins determine organotropic metastasis TIGP
04月07日 N/A TIGP
04月14日 Chi-Chun Chen(2013) Network-Based Isoform Quantification with RNA-Seq Data for Cancer Transcriptome Analysis TIGP
Nikhil Pathak(2013) TIGP
04月21日 Cheng-Kai Shiau(2013) The sexual identity of adult intestinal stem cells controls organ size and plasticity TIGP
04月28日 Lovely Raghav(2014) Genomic analysis identifies new drivers and progression pathways in skin basal cell carcinoma TIGP
05月05日 Chun-Yi Chen (2014) High-fidelity CRISPR–Cas9 nucleases with no detectable genome-wide off-target effects TIGP
05月12日 Cheng-Wei Cheng(2014) MDD–SOH: exploiting maximal dependence decomposition to identify S-sulfenylation sites with substrate motifs TIGP
05月19日 Kshitij Tandon (2015) (Topic will be assigned by Lab Professor ) TIGP
05月26日 Neha Warikoo (2015) (Topic will be assigned by Lab Professor ) TIGP
06月02日 呂俊良(2015 YMU Students陽明) CoMEt: a statistical approach to identify combinations of mutually exclusive alterations in cancer BMI
06月08日(WED) 鄭中遠(2015 YMU Students陽明) Use of machine learning for behavioral distinction of autism and ADHD BMI
06月16日 Final Exam Week

[醫資碩士班] 1042[生醫資專討(醫資碩博)]
Instructors 張博論老師
Location 圖資大樓402教室 (Rm. 402, Library, Information, and Research Building)
Time Monday,13:20-15:10
Date Speaker Topic Note
02月15日 課程第一天上課,公佈醫資組碩博專討報告方式及順序
03月21日 Team A Proposal
03月28日 Team B Proposal
04月18日 Team C Proposal
04月25日 Team D Proposal
05月09日 Team A Presentation
05月16日 Team B Presentation
05月30日 Team C Presentation
06月06日 Team D Presentation