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Special Seminars (Spring, 2017)
Time 12:10 PM
Place Rm. 402, Library, Information and Research Building (圖資大樓4樓402室)
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Date Speaker Topic Note
Feb 21 陳卓逸博士 Cho-Yi (Joey) Chen (美國哈佛大學達納法伯癌症研究中心Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, USA) Sexual dimorphism in gene expression and regulatory networks across human tissues 演講地點:圖資403教室
Mar 16 張耀明博士 Yao-Ming Chang (中央研究院生物多樣性研究中心Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica) 透過基因數據分析探索細胞小宇宙(Exploring Cellular Microcosmos through Genetic Data Analysis) 13:00開始
Mar 20 黃瀚萱博士 Hen-Hsen Huang (台灣大學資訊工程學系Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering) 臨床資料與自然語言處理(Clinical Natural Language Processing) 12:20開始,演講地點:圖資405教室
Mar 23 陳卓逸博士 Cho-Yi (Joey) Chen (美國哈佛大學達納法伯癌症研究中心Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, USA) 探究老化對於人類大腦前額葉皮質基因表達晝夜節律之影響(Effects of aging on circadian patterns of gene expression in the human prefrontal cortex) 10:30開始,演講地點:圖資404教室(遠距連線)
Mar 31 詹雯玲助理教授 Wen-Ling Chan (亞洲大學生物資訊與醫學工程學系Bioinformatics and Medical Engineering, Asia University) lncRNA相關之small RNA在癌症之功能預測及特性描述(Functional prediction and characterization of lncRNA-related small RNAs in cancer) 生科院「生物醫學」學術演講系列-週五中午12:10
Apr 27 曾意儒助理教授 Yi-Ju Tseng (長庚大學資訊管理學系Department of Information Management, Chang Gung University) 萊姆病三部曲 - (大)數據分析能解開多少謎團?(Could We Solve the Mysteries of Lyme Disease Using (Big) Data Analytics? - Trilogy)
May 04 吳育瑋助理教授 Yu-Wei Wu (台北醫學大學醫學資訊所Graduate Institute of Biomedical Informatics, Taipei Medical University) Entering the era of microbial dark matter: can we decipher the microbes? how?
May 12 賴信志教授兼系主任/所長 Hsin-Chih Lai (長庚大學醫學生物技術暨檢驗學系/所Department of Medical Biotechnology and Laboratory Science, Chang Gung University) 一株食用蕈菇誘導之腸道菌有效減肥(A herbs enriched gut microbiota bacterium ameliorates high-fat-diet induced obsegenicity) 生科院「生物醫學」學術演講系列-週五中午12:10
May 18 林誠夏法制顧問 LUCIEN C.H. LIN (開放文化基金會Open Culture Foundation) 開放協作與開源授權如何有助研究及專案開發(Why Open Collaboration and Open Source Licenses Benefit Research and Project Development)
May 25 林顯易副教授 Hsien-I Lin (台北科技大學自動化科技所Institute of automation technology, National Taipei University of Technology) 人工智慧於機器人的應用(Artificial Intelligence for Robot Applications)
Jun 15 謝忠儒助理教授 Zhong-Ru Xie (College of Engineering, University of Georgia) 結構生物資訊之電腦輔助藥物開發(Computational Drug Discovery)

※生科院「週三有約」學術演講:週三中午 12:10~13:15[行程表]
※生科院「生物醫學」系列學術演講:週五中午 12:10[行程表]